Navien NPE Tankless Water Heater

Standard tank water heaters are only 67% efficient. The water is being heated constantly at that low rate for hours on end to be ready when the hot water tap is turned on.  Why waste gas like this?  The Navien NPE only heats water as it is being demanded.  At 96% efficiency this tankless water heater qualifies for Energy Star and Utility Rebates.  Replacing a standard tank unit for a tankless requires a fair amount of retrofitting.  Increased gas pipe sizing, new venting, and draining all contribute to installation costs that generally exceed $2,750.  Find out if this system is worth it for your family.  The honest experts at Baumann & DeGroot will point you in the right direction.

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EF High Efficiency Water Heater

Boasting 76,000 btu’s at 90% efficiency the EF series water heater is the perfect compromise between the reliability and maintenance of a standard tank unit while pushing for more energy efficiency like a tankless.  These water heaters are capable of operating radiant space heating applications.  We strive to find the best value for every homeowner and their unique home we would be happy to recommend the EF unit if it is the right fit!

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Defender Series – Atmoshperic/Power Vent

The standard water heater from Bradford White. We choose Bradford White because their initial cost is right inline with the other 2 major manufacturers (A.O. Smith & Rheem/Ruud) But on the service side of things Bradford White’s parts are easier to obtain and are more reasonable ($) We feel Bradford White offers the best long term value for our customers.

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