Bradford White Brute Mini

The Bradford White Brute Mini provides the best standard efficiency radiant heat for the price. Built simply these units are easy to maintain and service and should provide years of reliable cost affordable heat.

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Viessmann Vitodens 100 Series

The Viessman Vitodens 100 comes from the legendary Viessmann company out of Germany.  Viessmann is the worlds largest manufacturer of boilers, they manufacturer every single component so the costs, quality, and availability is always within the company’s control.  It comes with components usually added on during the installation already pre-built into the unit.  This provides extra value and reliability this is backed with an industry leading warranty.  Check out this boiler for your radiant and potentially domestic hot water needs.

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Various Models

The Lochinvar Knight boiler brings the boiler into the 21st With a 10-1 turn down ratio and the Con-X-Us remote control application puts the control in the homeowners pocket and the ability for the contractor to remotely monitor and adjust the system with no need for time consuming service calls.  This is a top of the line solution for top of the line demands and problems.

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